United Supermarkets

Mi Pueblo

United Supermarkets, a grocery chain with locations throughout Texas, was founded on the belief that people drive business, not processes. When United chose to launch an all-new brand of tortillas, the company partnered with me to define the brand strategy and packaging design.

The handcrafted illustration has become a symbol for the brand. Over time, the packaging has evolved further to incorporate a wider variety of flavors and grains. And today, the brand may be found in stores across North Texas, West Texas, and the Texas Panhandle.

United Supermarkets
Packaging Design
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Imaginaria Creative
The Dieline

A Home Away From Home

With food, consumers choose a particular brand not only to eat but also to visit the past and make family recipes. Food is a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Nostalgia comes from two Greek words, nostos (homecoming) and algos (ache). Nostalgia was considered homesickness. A word that has long been mentioned in Biblical books and Greek mythology. Today, the word means sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with positive associations.

And that’s what a lot of food and restaurant brands tap into. These brands allow people to visit a home away from home, Mi Pueblo.